PVC Resin


We offered both of PVC resin from K-Value 58 to K-Value 70 from USA & Europe.

PVC is one of the most important thermoplastics in the world today. Rigid (unplasticized) PVC is one of the most widely used plastic materials.

Main applications of both types of PVC (rigid and flexible) include Window Frames, Pipes, House Siding, Ports, Roofing Waterproof Membranes, Cable Insulations, Roof Lining, Greenhouses , Curtain Rails, Drawer Sides, Laminates, Audio and Videotape Cases, Records , Flooring, Wall Coverings, Shower Curtains, Leather Cloth, Hosepipes , Bottles, Blister Packs, Transparent Packs and Punnets , Cling Film , Car Seat Backs , Under Seal, Roof Linings, Leather Cloth Upholstery, Wiring Insulation, Window Seals, Decorative Trim., Oxygen Tents, Bags And Tubing For Blood Transfusions, Drips and Dialysis Liquids Insulation pipes, Jacketing, Electricity Distribution Boxes, Switches, Transparent Distributor Box Housings, Plug Housings & Battery Terminals , Cable & Wire insulation, plugs, cable jackets, sockets, Sable Heads and Distributors.